How Do I Change My Cursor?


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Louise Gorman answered
There are websites where you can obtain dozens of different cursors. Simply do a search on the internet and something should come up. There are also websites where you change the cursor for your MySpace profile.

If you don't want to download any new cursors because of risks to your computer, then you can actually change the look of your cursor by altering some settings on your PC. To do this, click on 'Start', then click on 'Control Panel'. Click on 'Appearance and Themes'. In the 'See Also' section, click on 'Mouse Pointers'. This will bring up a window and you will see a few cursors in the 'Customise' section to choose from. If you want a bigger selection, click on 'Browse' to see more cursors. Select the cursor you want and click 'Open'. The cursor that you've selected should appear in the 'Customise' section. To use the cursor, click 'Apply'.

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