I Want A 'Hello Kitty' Cursor On My Laptop. Where I Can Download One?


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Installing a Hello Kitty cursor on your laptop is a super-cute idea!

There are a number of sites you can get customized cursors from - and here are a couple that have some awesome Hello Kitty graphics:

Where to download Hello Kitty cursors from There are quite a few websites that you can download Hello Kitty cursors from, and the ones I listed above are only the ones I had time to check out.

However, if you're a really big Hello Kitty fan like me, you might also want to have a look at customizing your entire laptop to reflect your love for the cuddly feline.

Here's what I used to turn my boring old Dell Inspiron into a 3 Gigabyte Dual-Core processor Hello Kitty machine.

Hello Kitty Desktops are a must if you want to transform your laptop into a Hello Kitty shrine. You can download them for free from sites like PortalBrain.

A Hello Kitty Laptop Case will be vital if you want to carry your laptop around without it getting bumped or damaged. You can get a trendy-looking one here.

Hello Kitty Screen-savers are also great for making your power-management options a whole lot cuddlier.

If you're interested in other Hello Kitty products, visit the WeirdAsiaNews website. They've got photos of everything from Hello Kitty assault rifles through to Hello Kitty tampons!

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  • Hello Kitty Cursors - 123 Cursors
  • Hello Kitty Curosrs -
  • - Hello Kitty cursors
Note : I have not tried these before so I am not aware if they have computer viruses!

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