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The ratings are as follows:

K - K rated fan fiction is suitable for ages 5 and over, and does not have stories which contain adult themes, violence or bad language.

K+ - K+ rated fiction is suitable for older children, and contains only mild violence and minor language.

T - T rated fiction is suitable for teenagers (13 years and over), and contains minor adult themes, a little violence and some bad language.

M - M rated fanfiction is for teenagers aged 16 years and over, and contains adult themes, though not too explicit, bad language and violence. does not accept NC-17 material (labelled MA by, which are stories that contain explicit material. deletes stories which contain material that is too explicit, usually when the matrial has been reported. All NC-17 material was moved to a site called Adult Fan Fiction.

Another rating from FictionRatings is B rated fiction, which is stories that contain material suitable for pre school children. This rating is included in the guidelines section on, but members cannot actually select it as a rating.

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