What Do I Do If Someone Stole My Verizon Cell Phone?


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If incase some one has stolen your Verizon cell phone, immediately file a complain with the local police, once you are done with that call up the Verizon company and let them know what has happened and ask them to trace the phone if they can, if they can't ask them to shut down the incoming and outgoing facility to your cell phone. It is very important to make these complaints, because if some one misuses your phone and sends out threats to random people, you will be the one in police questioning. Make sure you file the complaint as soon as possible.

Verizon wireless is one United States leading cellular service provider serving to customer database over 60 million people and it also has the largest service by area.
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Get the phone company to track the phone.
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Complain to the police, and shut the phone off by calling verizon, this will make it so they COMPLETELY shut the phone off, and can't turn it back on unless the OWNER asked.
So this way they can not spend any of your money
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I say hunt them down and beat them up for stealing from you. But the police should be abel to recover it pretty fast.

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