How Has A Cell Phone Changed In The Last 30 Years?


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The cell phone was invented in 1973 by Doctor Martin Cooper when he was director of research and development at Motorola. Back then cell phones were big and chunky, and were commonly called bag phones. They didnt have the range we have now, and certainly not the features. They simply made calls... No texting, no cameras, no bluetooth, no music...just calls. And calls were of poor quality, and dropped frequently. It wasnt until the mid 80's that technology brought the cost of the phones down, improved the quality, decreased the size, and made it a true mobile phone that was capable of working off multiple cells.
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A cell phone has changed a lot ! First of all, many new features have come in it like face-time and stuff which were at first only in laptops or computers, now there are various apps and many many things!

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