How Has Technology Affected Communication In Business?


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Just think about it for a second. What do we have now in communications that we didn't have 30 years ago? Everything in the past was done on paper and work only progressed when people could communicate via phone.

Now we can leave messages. We can use the Internet. We have cell phones, PDAs, netbooks, laptops, wifi, 3G, 4G. We have instant communications with just about anyone we need. How do you think this has affected business?

If you on on site and something goes wrong. You can contact the person you need to talk to almost instantly before the situation gets worse. The person that is contacted can then get on the Internet and place an order for whatever is needed to fix the problem and set it up for next day delivery. Now the problem is fixed in one day. Thirty years ago something went wrong. No cell phone, so the person in charge would have to put everything on hold and find a phone to call from. The person contacted would have to make a phone call to the business within business hours to place an order for the part. Might not get in touch with the business until the next day. Now the part is ordered on the next day and shows up another whole day later because of the lack of instant communications that we can do today.

Every business benefits from this mentality. If you can react faster, then you can evolve faster.

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