How Does Technology Affect Human Behavior?


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Technology affects human behaviour in every aspect of our life.

To take one example, the advancement of the personal computer has forever changed the way in which we behave socially and interact with one another. It is now possible to not only talk to, but also see, friends and business associates on the other side of the planet using programs such as Skype and msn.  This could be said to bring families and  friends closer together, breaking down the barrier of distance and allowing us to communicate with each another in a way that was, literally, a thing of  science-fiction a generation or two ago.

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Bebo and MySpace have also changed the way we relate to one another, although some argue that this may not be for the better. Even though these sites have allowed us to keep in touch in a far more comprehensive, instant and even intimate way critics argue that we have now become less interested in interacting in the real world and more comfortable typing out messages on our computer screens or sending text messages. Others believe that we have also become more obsessed with the quantity of friends (e.g. The number of friends we have on Facebook that we never even consider contacting) rather than the quality of friendship we may have with a select few.

We could go on for forever and a day debating this topic - mobile/cellphones, television, forensic science, robotic assembly lines - but the overriding point is that technology has both its positive and negative effects on human relationships. It should be pointed out that ultimately it is up to you how much you let technology affect you.
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We interact with practical applications of scientific knowledge, more commonly known as technologies, on a daily basis. We wake to an alarm clock, cook breakfast on a gas-powered or electric stove, and go to school by car, bus, or bicycle. We work on computers in lighted classrooms, complete our assignments using pen and paper, and perhaps watch television or listen to music before going to sleep.

Over the years, technologies have been invented to address society's problems or to fulfill its growing desire for speed and convenience. It's amazing to think that up until the last century, most people had to go outside of their homes to use the bathroom and wash up. Indoor plumbing, which is what allows you to take a bath inside your home, had only just been invented.

Here's something interesting to note: Though new technologies might appear radically different from the ones they're intended to replace, more often than not, the old technology remains present in the new. Take, for example, a flashlight. It's superior to a candle in some respects: A match isn't needed to make it work, it won't set fire to other things, and it projects light farther. But essentially, a flashlight, like a candle, is still just a source of light.

While you may be able to use any number of technologies without knowing what makes them tick, exploring their inner workings might encourage you to develop new uses for them, or even invent new technologies to improve them. When you look closely at computers, for instance, they're not much more than pieces of metal, plastic, and circuitry. It's a wonder that these parts -- each of them not capable of much on their own -- work together to enable us to do schoolwork, operate traffic signals, control aircraft in flight, and design so many of the products we use.
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Technology helps our life because if we didn't have it, our lives would be way different. They would be different if we didn't have it because we wouldn't have a way to socialize with people unless we walk or run to their house. We wouldn't have cars, phones, computers, cameras, television, or anything like that.

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