How Does Technology Affect Homes?


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In today's world every home is equipped with technology. Life today is impossible without technology. Not having technology at home in this day, time and world is unimaginable. How many of us can continue with life without technology today?

Like I said in another post, technology has so become part of our life that we cannot rule it out at all. From the moment we wake up in the morning with our alarms, to the hot water we get for showers, to the toothpastes, soaps and other toiletries, the cars we drive, the computers we operate, the telephones we use, the video games we play, the soaps and movies we watch, all are products of technology.

I think technologies do not have any negative effects on homes or home life at all, as long as you use it positively.

However, if you remain too engrossed in your technological products, it can have a diverse effect on your home life. For example, if instead of spending time with your family you would rather keep yourself occupied with your Nintendo, then technology is definitely going to take its toll on your personal life. However, in such cases, its one's own attitude to be blame and not the use of technology.

For the elderly at home too, technology can be both good and bad. Same goes for the children at home. There are a number of softwares that can even help them with their homework, but parents should make sure, kids do not cheat on their homework with the help of these softwares.

Technology is definitely effecting our homes today, most in a positive manner.

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