How Technology Affects Your Life As A Student?


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There are many different way in which technology affects your life as a student, both good and bad.

• Benefits

You can do your work a lot quicker, neater and easier on a computer or a laptop that you may have as a student, you can also the internet to ensure that you can do all of the research that you need for different investigations and projects that you are going to need to do throughout your studies. Television and radio are also good uses of technology that you are going to be aware of as there are going to be certain shows and discussions which are going to help you if you are studying certain subjects or simply need to keep up to day with what it going on in the world around you.

• Disadvantages

You may do all of your work on the laptop, but if that breaks then you are not going to have anything to show for all of your hard work. Life as a student is majorly affected by certain games which are out there on the market today. You may find that you are losing time to work and study because you were too busy on your new Xbox, and this is a common problem that you may have seen happen before!

As long as each and every student ensures that they use the technology that they have with respect and that they are careful to ensure there are no problems with their work, there are not going to be any problems with them achieving everything that they can, however games must be kept at a low amount if you need to work hard and succeed!
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