How Has Modern Technology Affected Communication In The Organisation?


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Hello everyone, nowadays most modern companies use a corporate messenger. After all, it ideally should unite all internal and external communications into one space. With the help of the company communication app, employees can quickly share news about the project, ask a question and get an answer, and always be in touch. In addition, all correspondence is saved, so you can return to them at any time and view the information again. Corporate messengers can be used not only for instant messaging, but also for video calls, including group ones.

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It has affected negatively in the organisation, poeple can nolonger speak face to face, the can communicate though e-mail.
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Modern technology has affected communication in organization in a very positive way.
Now, passing on new notices in organization, Having distant meetings with employees and keeping them informed of new decisions is now an easy task.
Communication from one desk to another far off desk within Office or whole organization is now easy,
Getting in touch with employees of organization in every branch is an easy task.
Different discoveries in all branches of organization can be kept informed of.
All above became possible because of Modern ways of communication. Communication's new techniques equally improved Communication outside organization.

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