What's the best game you have on your iPod Touch or iPhone?


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Chess (Also a web site www.chess.com)

The iPhone app is amazing, you can play chess with people from all over the world any time of day, you never have to wait for a game.

Skill Level

Doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a pro, you will be matched up to players on your level. Don't be put off by the first few games if you get seriously defeated, as they give you a quite a high score to begin with, but that quickly goes down each time you loose, until you are playing against someone on your level.

You have to play using a clock with the maximum time being 30mins and the shortest game only allows 1min each. In chess this means each player only has this amount of time to make their moves, and if you run out of time you loose.

  • Each user start off with 2000 points and you will play a user with a similar score.
  • You get points if you win and loose point when you loose.
  • The amount of points you gain or loose will depend on the score of your opponent, so you don't get much of a boost for beating someone with score  lower than yours.
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Bad Piggies from Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds. It's for sale on the App Store for £0.69 or $0.99.

It's a physics based game and this time you are on the Piggies side. Build a ship to take the Piggie the the goal point. Choose from wooden connectors, wheels, umbrellas, fans, springs, dynamite to make your ship.

As with Angry Birds there are 100s of levels. I'm amazed how little kids are just as good as adults in building the ships.
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I'll stick my neck out and admit that Tetris is my favorite iPhone game.  I know it's basic by today's standards, but it really is great for killing some time without being drawn into playing for hours on end.
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Tim O'Shea
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Yes, I agree, it's the only game you don't get bored of. Great way of passing a flight if you can't sleep!
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I actually deleted all games on my iPhone, as I realised how much time I was wasting throwing birds at pigs. Now, instead of playing games, I'll check my calendar, reply to emails, and spend the time that I'd usually spend playing games (on public transport, or waiting around) reading on my Kindle or organising to-do lists.

Words With Friends

The only game I didn't delete was Words With Friends - which is essentially Scrabble - and I only kept that because it's a good way to wake my brain up when I'm on the bus into university in the morning.

It's also fun to challenge your friends, and it's pretty satisfying when you win! Kass always beats me at Words With Friends, though...I'm determined to get him back one day!

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You should try Drop7 from Zynga. Very simple game but incredibly addictive.

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Sudoku's my favourite, if that counts as a game.

I used to play Words with Friends and also Wordfeud, but got so annoyed when both games kept allowing non-existent words, and then refused real ones, that I decided it was bad for my blood pressure so I stopped. (The last straw was when it allowed "zag" and refused "zen".)

My daughter's addicted to Sudoku, like me, and also to Tetris and Wordswipe. (I love Tetris, but hate Wordswipe, which just stresses me out.)

My husband's favourites are Angry Birds and Snood, which he's far too good at playing, probably due to all the practice he gets. Usually when I think he's listening to me...

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I mostly like to play chess on my iPhone. In starting when I
downloaded this game, I did not know how to play the game, but http://forwardchess.com/ helped me a lot to
know how to play this game.

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Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus and Nova 2!
Trust me, you won't regret it. At least go check them out!

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