Who Agrees That Google Is Awesome?


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tracy deines Profile
tracy deines answered
Yes, that's how i research all my stuff
Soman Bangaree Profile
Soman Bangaree answered
I also think that google is best but it is not the whole thing.
james caison Profile
james caison answered
No I don't agree, by definition it is not awesome. However it is "remarkable" or "extraordinary"
but Bing is just as good as Google.
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Soman Bangaree
Soman Bangaree commented
I don't think that bing is as good as google. How can you say that. I have some reasons that proof bing still needs so many improvement and so much work to do.
A simple reason is bing did't crawl all the pages of WWW yet
Some Person Profile
Some Person answered
I do NOT like google itself, but i love bing.com, and i do most of my research on yahoo.com, i get better results.

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