Who Agrees That Google Is Awesome?


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tracy deines Profile
tracy deines answered
Yes, that's how i research all my stuff
Soman Bangaree Profile
Soman Bangaree answered
I also think that google is best but it is not the whole thing.
Misty Simmons Profile
Misty Simmons answered
Yes, google is my friend....
...my only friend......
james caison Profile
james caison answered
No I don't agree, by definition it is not awesome. However it is "remarkable" or "extraordinary"
but Bing is just as good as Google.
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Soman Bangaree
Soman Bangaree commented
I don't think that bing is as good as google. How can you say that. I have some reasons that proof bing still needs so many improvement and so much work to do.
A simple reason is bing did't crawl all the pages of WWW yet
Some Person Profile
Some Person answered
I do NOT like google itself, but i love bing.com, and i do most of my research on yahoo.com, i get better results.

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