How Do I Get Free Ringback Tones On My Samsung Straight Talk Phone?


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Samsung Straight Talk is a pay-as-you-go cell phone service, or pre-paid account service run by Net 10. Phones can be purchased from a number of well known stores and used once the account has been credited with funds. As with all pre-paid accounts, you are charged a fixed amount or top-up your account on a regular basis and this governs the amount of calls you can make and text messages you can send.

The Straight Talk system uses the Verizon wireless network and phones and hand sets can be purchased from the likes of Wal Mart, as well as other large department stores. Due to the fact that the tariffs are reasonably cheap and you can only use the phone as long as you have credit on your account, it would seem from web searches that you can't get ring tones and themes for free for your Samsung phone, or indeed, any other phone using the Straight Talk account directly from the service provider.

There are a whole host of websites that do offer ringtones and accessories for cell phones for a one-off charge however. is one website which has ringtones that should work with your Straight Talk phone and you could even try creating your own ringtone if you visit

It is worth remembering though that some sites do have hidden charges and will charge you for a simple ring tone, sometimes as much as $10 per tune.

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