Free ringback tones for straight talk?


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Unfortunately the only way of obtaining a ringback tone from a Straight Talk cell phone is to purchase and download them from the Straight Talk website.

To download a ringback tone for your cell phone then you will firstly need to access the Straight Talk website in which you will have to enter your phone number, and once you have done that you simply click on ‘Submit’ to move on to the next stage. You will have the ability to scroll through the available ringback tones on the website, which you can download. You also have the option to preview the ringback tones to get a sense of what they will sound like. To do this, simply click on ‘Preview’ and if you like the sound of it, click on ‘Purchase’ to buy the specific ringback tone.

After you have gone through the payment process and everything is finalised, your ringback tone should be sent to your cell phone via text message. Once you have received the text, you will notice the ‘Messaging’ button on your phone which is depicted as an envelope icon. Click on this button after opening the text message, and then press ‘Save’ in order to store the ringback tone on your phone, in the ‘Gallery’ section. To apply the ringback tone to your phone’s settings, you firstly have to access the ‘Menu’ and then select ‘Options’. You will then click on the ‘Customize’ icon and then on to ‘Ringing Tone’. Once you have done that, you can then scroll through the ringback tones you have saved on your phone and select the one you wish to use. After you have made your decision, simply press ‘Apply’ and then your ringback tone will be used in your settings.
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Ringback is a service from the carrier, and you have to pay for it. Ringtones are different. You can find out more from this forum -  you need to scroll down a bit to find the information you want.
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I have spent hours searching for free ring backs and cannot find anything! I think the cell providers know what they have and are protecting it with their lives. I personally will not pay for it when I already pay $90+ per mo. For cell service on 1 phone! This should be a perk for everyone who pays their bill on time. Good luck, if you find something, POST IT SOMEWHERE!!!!!

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