How Do You Get Magmar In Heart Gold?


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Go to peak area of safari zone and follow the steps below;

  • Set down ten rocky objects
These objects are all over the area. In fact there are more than ten rocky objects, so you just have to gather as many as you can in one area and then follow the next step.

  • Have patience
It will take at least 30 seconds for something to happen. You just need to wait in the area where you placed the rocks. For example you can hop up into the middle of the area and keep walking along the grass until the next step occurs.

  • Eventually Magmar will come up with a screen video
The game will tell you that Magmar has appeared and you will need to fight him and get him caught.

Follow the HP bar as this tells you how many times you have to hit. There is very little danger for you as long as you hit Magmar repeatedly. It will take about three hits for him to go down.

If you do not set down objects you can just wait for Magmar to appear, but it will be a low level Pokemon. You want to set down objects in order to get a better level Magmar.

After you get Magmar and defeat him you will be sent back to the Safari zone. You will have Magmar now and he will be defeated. You can begin to go on with the next step in the game.

It is a simple process to get this guy to appear. Just remember by placing down objects you will get a higher level Pokemon. This is usually appealing to those who want to beat it and play for fun.
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Magmar can be found in the basement of Burned Tower in Ecruteak City or the rocky area of the Safari Zone.
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Magmar can be found in the burned tower!

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