Where Can I Catch Shellder In Soul Silver?


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If you're wondering where to catch shellder in soul silver, then follow the steps below. It is relatively simple to catch the pokemon, however it is important that you carry out the right method otherwise you may not capture shellder properly.

  • Where to find shellder in soul silver: Step 1
The first thing you need to do on your quest to find shellder is to travel to the Lavender Town which you will find in the East part of Kanto. Following that you should head to Route 12 which is towards the southern area of the region. It may also help for you to know that the route is also known as the Silence Bridge, so keep an eye out for it.

  • Step 2
Once you've arrived, you should see a house towards the end of the route. Once inside the house, there will be a fisherman that you will be required to talk to. After you have spoken to him he should give you a fishing rod which you'll need to catch shellder.

  • Step 3
Once you've left the house you can have the choice of either going down routes 20, 21, 26 or 27 to get to the appropriate destination for shellder. Or you could go to Pallet Town, Cinnabar Island or Vermilion City to find the pokemon.

  • Step 4
After you have reached the end of the routes or gone to any of the towns I have mentioned you should be able to access a pong where shellder should be. You will need to use the super rod to hook the pokemon. However, shellder will be trying to fight you off so you should stop its attacks by using electric type moves and grass. Lastly, throw a pokeball at the pokemon and you should capture it successfully.

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