How Do You Re-challenge The Gym Leaders In Soul Silver?


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You can re-challenge the gym leaders in Pokemon Soul Silver by finding them when they're away from the gym, and then calling them at a certain time.  Here's a list of how to re-challenge each gym leader:

  1. Falkner - Go to the Department Store in Kanto during the daytime on a Monday to get Falkner's number.  Call him on Saturday morning for a rematch.
  2. Bugsy - Go to the Viridian Forest on a Thursday daytime to find Bugsy.  Call him on Thrusday afternoon to arrange a rematch.
  3. Whitney - You can find Whitney in the Goldenrod Department Store on any afternoon.  Get her number and then call her on Saturday afternoon to arrange the rematch.
  4. Morty - Find Morty at the Bell Tower on a Monday daytime.  You can then call him on a Tuesday night to arrange for a rematch.
  5. Chuck - You can get Chuck's phone number from his wife, who stands outside of his gym.  You can then call him on a Wednesday night to arrange the rematch.
  6. Jasmine - You can find Jasmine at the Olivine Dining Room.  Once you've got her number, call her on a Wednesday afternoon to re-challenge her.
  7. Pryce - You'll find price at the Lake of Rage.  Surf to the west to locate him.  You can then call him on a Monday morning to arrange the rematch with him.
  8. Clair - You can find Clair most mornings down by the water at the Dragon's Den.  Call her on a Friday night to arrange a rematch with her.

To find Kanto gym leader's whereabouts, you can have a look at  Remember that the rematches will be much more difficult than the original gym leader fights!

Here's an awesome video showing the gym leader rematches in full:

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