What Is Orkut?


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I want an new orkut id
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Orkut is a social community on internet. You may make id on orkut if someone will sent you invitation. It is a community where you may take part in discussions and have a lot many buddies. You may make a list of your friends. You would be able to chat with them with the help of gmail messenger. You may make a profile of yours. It's profiles are very detailed and attractive. It may be comprised of three sectors; social, professional and personal.
You may join other communities of your choice on orkut. You may take part in discussions over there. Another thing is that you would be able to send scraps to other members of orkut. You will have an email id of your own on orkut. It is a community of millions of people. I am sure you will enjoy it in all regards. You may have media articles over there. Those ones are pretty informative and are written by experts. You may contact experts to ask for whatever is on your mind. For details please visit;
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Well it's a website of younger youth where they make friends.  You can say that it's a general social community for the younger youth which is powered by the Google and its name is taken from his creator who was the employee of the Google i.e " orkut buyukkokten"  , there is much more general topics for discussion for younger. Its a community in which youth or any age people do chat of there own choice and can make friends just like the yahoo messenger chat, and also like the Myspace and Friendster communities.    In this community there is much more facilities like photo albums and also the new feature i.e scrapbook in which off line chatting is possible ,it means that you can send the off line messages to your dudes .    Also one can upload pictures to their profiles and also users can do rating of their friends like good friends ,bad ,best and other .There is much more communities and categories to which you can join easily and can make friends there and also can do online messaging like other chatting software.  There is one best feature that is user can join the community without any friend invitation.

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