What Are The Best Quiz Websites That Will Really Increase My General Knowledge?


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There are many quiz websites on the Internet. You have not specified any particular area of quizzing, so I could recommend www.funtrivia.com for you. All the questions have been arranged based on which subject matter it belongs to. Instead of websites I would recommend you look for good yahoogroups because the questions will be updates, answers will be debated and you could also contribute instead of being a passive observer. One of the better yahoogroups is [email protected]

Apart from websites try to cultivate a circle of friends who are interested in augmenting their general knowledge. Newspapers and the television will help keep you abreast with the latest in worldly affairs. After sometime you could choose some subject that interests you and you could consider specializing in it. Your information search will be extremely focussed. Soon you will have a set of people around you who are as passionate about it as you are.
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Why not try Discerningly Versed at www.dniv.com which has got great question categories
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Quizzes or quizzes are a playful way to interact with any audience. Everyone at least once did not pass by such headlines: "Check your knowledge of geography" or "Guess from the description of the writer." Puzzles, rebuses, charades, tests - all this can be part of an intellectual or entertaining quiz. For more details, see https://www.bobblquiz.com/ many quizzes on various topics

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The quiz website is www.funtrivia.com is really a best website
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This quiz site is really useful: kwizmi.com

You can take quizzes anonymously or you can sign in, track your improvement, and track which categories you are best at. This site really does increase your general knowledge - it helped me win two pub quizzes in the last month...
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A great source of questions (although they are very difficult for many people) is www.paulsquiz.comm
Try also random page option at wikipedia.org. This will bring up a random entry from the huge encyclopedia. I do this once a day and learn something every time.
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You have a plenty of websites that offer you quiz websites for increasing your general knowledge. Some of these websites are www.thebestof.co.uk/worksop/events/, www.123facts.com, www.remittag.com, www.Allwords.com, owl.english.purdue.edu, www.vocaboly.com, www.businessballs.com/quizballs/ quizballs5Q_free_trivia_quiz_questions, uk.centraltest.com, to name but a few.

Apart from this you can even download software's that will help you solve quiz online. Some of these software's would possibly be free while for some you will need to spend something more.

Oh yeah and most of all you can always log on to BLURTIT.com. I am sure there is a whole lot of information in store for you here. You have information in almost all the categories. And you can always ask a question that is running through your mind.

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