What are the best SEO techniques for a new website?


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If your website is relatively new, please don’t rush into aggressive seo, otherwise you will be easily blacklisted or even banned by search engines. As for link building, please start with fewer links, pick quality donors with high DA ( I trust guys from https://linklifting.com/ ). SEO is rather complicated thing, it can even do harm to your website if you’re just an amateur. Good luck!

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the owners of the site, shouldn't let the SPAMMERS run rampid on their site for starters. A job that the mods on this site don't know how to do.

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Arun Pable , Senior SEO Executive, answered

Looking some of best SEO technique that helps you to get rank on the 1st page at google searches. Follow the below techniques-
1. A very first step is Keyword Search
2. Create helpful & sharable content.
2. Make your responsive website.
3. Increase website speed. (use google speed tool).
4. Give proper title & meta description, keywords density, alt tag.
5. Create quality & helpful backlinks.

If you, not expert in SEO than you can consult with the expert consulted - Swicons.


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If you want to increase the number of visitors, I recommend to use long-tail keywords. It will really help, especially it is useful for a new website.

More about long-tail keywords you can read here: Long-tail Keyword: Your Own Key to Success

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If to speak about seo, I`m sure it`s really profitable and cool if you learn how to do it right, I`d like to learn how to be a seo master and found tis site, read about a seo audit tool there, the article was really understandable but it didn`t help me, can advise me anything to read in addition?

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Margart Waller , Website Developer, answered

The first thing you need to do to achieve a successful SEO strategy is to identify the suitable keywords. It is recommended to focus your traffic building offers on long-tail keywords

There are some tools to support doing keyword research

KWFinder, Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner, Longtail Pro, SEMRush

You can refer WordPress Longtail Keywords SEO. It is a WordPress plugin. It will suggest you the keywords that related to the main topic and your content with detailed information about each keyword such as CPC, Search Volume, Search volume in past 12 months, competition rate.

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Uncle Google has many years of experience in online marketing and has operated hundreds of products on the Internet. Failure experienced, successful cases have not seen the past, I want to do the industry's most bullish. Whether it's similar to Ali's father's B2B, Google SEO, SEM, or a social platform like Facebook.Keywords play a vital role. Among the enterprises currently in contact, 90% of the companies will make mistakes in the selection of keywords, resulting in invalid work and 80% worthless investment. Especially in Google SEO, SEM, Ali P4P investment. If you want to not spend money, pay attention not to save money, so that each point of your own investment has a corresponding value, please carefully look at the following article. First we need to build our own keyword library and then classify the keywords we get. Can be simply divided into product words, related knowledge words, product words are divided into retail demand words, OEM wholesale custom demand words. When we are doing the search engine market, we must know the purpose of each word's user search and the probability of finding our transaction, while ensuring that the keyword bank is perfect. If you want to apply to all platforms, then we can continue to subdivide keywords. [...]

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SEO Ranking Factors Every Beginner Should Know

There are 200 SEO ranking factors Google considers to rank a site. But there are 30 SEO most important factors which should be utilized to optimize the site to improve the visibility in the search engines.

The SEO ranking factors are classified into two important types- On Page SEO and off page SEO factors.

On page SEO Ranking Factors

1.Website URL structure- URL should be short and clean with one main keyword in the URL to improve the visibility in the search engines.

2.Meta Tags- This is one of the crucial SEO Ranking factors. Meta tags should be optimized for the natural use of target keywords in the title, description, Heading tags, etc.

3.Keyword Density- Avoid the over stuffing and maintain the keyword optimization by keeping the keyword density to be 1-2%.

4. Keyword Proximity- It means the distance of the main keyword from each other. Suppose your main keyword is SEO services India. Now consider the following sentenceSEO services are affordable in India. So proximity between SEO services and India is 3 words. It is recommended that the proximity should be less for better results.

5.Image ALT Text- Insert one keyword in the ALT text of the image to make search engine understand what the image is all about.

6.Internal and Outbound Linking Optimization- Avoid bounce rates by linking the relevant anchor text to the target page. Add relevant outbound links to make the post more authoritative.

7.Canonical Tags- Avoid duplicate content issues on the site by adding the canonical tag and make only one web page to be preferred version on the site.
8.Site speed- It is one of the most important SEO ranking factors. Optimize the speed of the site to 5 seconds by minifying JS and CSS scripts. Keep the size of the image under 100 kb. Use CDN or content delivery network to boost the speed of the site.

9.Website Errors- User experience is crucial in 2017 so resolve all the 404, 500 errors. You can also use the 301 redirection for the broken links to pass the link juice or delete if it is not anywhere linked to the sites.

10.Sitemaps- Sitemaps are of two types- XML Sitemap and HTML Sitemap. Both have their respective different functions. The XML sitemap is for crawling of the site by bots and indexing on the search engines. HTML sitemap is for providing the navigation for the site having many web pages.

11.Robots.txt- It is the file which allows or disallows the certain web pages or directories to crawl. According to an industry robots.txt file is created and uploaded to the site.

12.Redirections- Mainly there is two types of redirection. First is temporary redirection and second is the permanent redirection. 301 is permanent redirection which passes the link juice to a particular page. 302 is a temporary redirection and use only for temporary purposes.

13.Mobile Friendliness- It is necessary to have the mobile version of the site to appear higher in the SERPs. With the mobile-first indexing, a mobile version of the site is preferred by search engines to rank at a higher position over desktop version.

14.Crawling & Indexing- Crawling is the process of following the links through search engine bots. Indexing refers to adding the web pages on the search engine result pages. A site should be continuously crawled and indexed for better visibility.

15.Addition of Tracking codes- Tracking codes are important to track the key metrics of the site such as average time spent on the site, bounce rate, traffic sources and conversions. You can set the goals for engagement, conversions, event, etc.

16.Breadcrumbs- It helps in providing the proper navigation for reducing the number of steps to reach a particular target page.

17.Text/ HTML ratio- It should be around 25- 70%. This ratio refers to the visible content to the nonvisible content such as an image.

18.W3C Validation- It helps in ensuring the technical qualities by checking if the HTML and XHTML markups are proper.

19. Schema Implementations- It enhances the meta description by providing the valuable information to the users.  Local, person, product, event, price and website are some common types of schema.

20.Social Sharing Buttons- It encourages the social sharing of the posts or pages to the social networks. The total share count helps in creating the credibility for the brand to the users.

21. NoFollow- If you don’t want to follow the link and pass the link juice then add this tag as rel=”nofollow”. This tag is mainly used for external links on the site.

22.Noindex- If you want that the particular page should not be indexed then add the no index tag as follows <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex”>

Off Page SEO Ranking Factors

23.Domain Authority- It is the complete authority of the domain or site. It ranges from 0-100 where 0 is the lowest and 100 is the highest.

24. Page Authority- As the name suggests it is the authority of a page based on links shared on different sites. It ranges from 0-100 where 0 is the lowest and 100 is the highest.

25.Trust Flow- It is the score given to the site based on the credibility of the site to the users. If quality link building is performed than the trust factor for the site will be good resulting in high trust flow.

26.Citation Flow- It refers to the accurate citation and brand consistency on the web. To increase the citation flow score, build accurate citations on the authoritative sites.

27.Social Shares- It helps to earn the trust and encourage the sharing of posts resulting in engagements and social traffic to the site.

28.Link Juice- It is the authority passed to the site from the links and helpful in increasing the Page Rank of the site.

29.Page Rank- It ranges from 0-10 where 0 is the lowest and 10 is the highest. In order to improve the Page Rank, build quality links for the web pages.

30.Anchor text- It is a hyperlink text pointing to the web pages on the site or other sites. It should be build by linking the relevant or related keywords.

So optimize your site for these SEO ranking factorsand drive massive traffic to the site. If you want any help feel free to contact us @ TopinDigiXpert

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Search Engine Optimization Commonly is a
method of making your web site search engine friendly. So that the website can
achieve top position and ranking in the Internet searches and thereby
increasing the scope for the website to be found by customers. Search engine
optimization modifies the site to improve the ranking by using the keywords and
contents. Content should be in such a manner that most important and poplar
keywords are used in the whole of the website. Best keyword are sorted out by
looking at the popular keywords being used by the target customers. The Search
engine give importance to the all the links placed on website. So there should
be some popular sites involved in it.

It is not an intelligent idea to make a
pretty website and just place it among millions of others. If you want your
website to be functional and generate good business, it should figure on the
first page of every major search engine. SEO is the process of making your
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here are most used seo practices that will allow you to increase organic serps

1: Write unique Site title, description and keywords

2: Write unique post content

3:  Build high quality backlinks

helpful seo tools that will help analyze website


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Steven Billy , I am Steven Billy. An Internet Marketer at Website Pandas ( www.websitepandas.com) form Minneapolis, MN 55408, USA., answered

Best SEO Tips for New Website -

1. Structure your website for your target keywords

2. Make sure each page has great, Google-friendly

3. Optimize your title tags for each primary

4. Add engaging, action-focused meta descriptions

5. Set up Google Analytics and add your website to
Google’s Search Console

6. Reach out to friends and influencers to build

7. Build a long term strategy to produce ongoing
SEO results

Find best SEO Company in USA. Website Pandas help you to increase your website traffic and business conversion with best SEO techniques.

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Well, I have gathered the FollowingMUST DO 7 SEO Tips for a News Site: -

  1. Open Up Your Site- remove Pop ups, and forceful form filling ! Let the visitors first start enjoying your website and then you can ask them to subscribe to you with a notification.NO FORCEFUL POP UPS.
  2. Revamp Your Structure : Remove the CLUTTER.Make sure the background is white. Give enough white space. Do not Clutter it. Navigation should be smooth and easy.
  3. Reward others for linking to you.Create a contest, or an offer, or something, that encourages folks to link to you. Remember, links are votes. More votes mean you have a better shot at a high ranking for your various topics.
  4. Give internal linking(use keywords while giving internal links): When someone is on a particular page -give relevant internal linking buttonsaround it.
  5. Using the H1 / H2 Tag EffectivelyPut your headings in heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.). Use headings that describe the content of the page. The article title is fine. Then put sub-headings into lower level heading tags.
  6. Write unique description tags. The description meta tag has little or no effect on your ranking, but search engines often use description tags as the snippet in their results pages. If your writers create good descriptions, folks who read them will be more likely to click through to your site.
  7. Remove Duplication :News Sites, have a lot of duplicate news. Which is only normal.Must Use canonical tagto take care duplication issues.

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of the best SEO techniques so as to develop new websites:


helpful content which can be shared.

your website responsive.

the speed of website ensures great traffic to move towards your side.

relevant title, Meta description. And also maintain the keyword density and alt

helpful contents for backlinks.

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Best SEO technique!!! When you ask for the best i can only tell guest posting. Without it, it doesn't matter how is your on page or off page optimization done. If want to rank , you must go for guest posting

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One of the best and cheapest SEO service is Perfect search.Perfect Search is the best SEO Company in UK based in London will manage your current campaign, identify new strategies to make your marketing plan more effective and even track your competitors’ online marketing strategies.

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It's not hard, though.  

Here you can find ALL the information you need for higher ranking. 

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News sites have their very own procedure set up for SEO.  Planning SEO guidelines for news sites isn't basic, as it includes all the common elements just as out of the box SEO strategies, to make it visible and engage the audience searching for the news and pages.

I’ll talk about these best SEO techniques for a new website :

  1. Improve user experience across your entire site

  2. Optimize for voice search

  3. Focus on topic clusters instead of keywords

  4. Conquer video with YouTube SEO

  5. Build a variety of backlinks

  6. Get a grip over technical optimization

  7. Target local searches with local landing pages and listings

  8. Know how to measure SEO performance - then click this link Seo training in Chandigarh

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SEO can be very slow. It can actually take years to build the rankings of pages. If you want to improve your site ranking, turn to SEO expert for assistance.

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In addition to standard marketing, I advise you to study working with Facebook and Google. In 2019, social networks and Google searches are the most relevant. Standard marketing methods no longer work as before. Here in the article you can find some points of how to track facebook ads in google analytics work https://www.owox.com/blog/use-cases/how-to-track-facebook-ads/. They will come in handy in promoting the business!

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