What's the best way to increase traffic to a website?


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Spammy backlinks on Q&A sites is a bad idea, as Google punishes unnatural links, so you could be harming your search ranking by engaging in such activity, and thus negatively affecting your site traffic.

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There are lots of ways to drive traffic to a website - what works best depends on your audience but some of my key tips would be:

1.  Have great content which a) keeps people coming back and b) that they want to share with others - make sure you update/add to it regularly

2.  Invite people to contribute to your website/blog or offer to guest post on other influential sites.

3.  Always link back to your website in everything you do: Newsletters, emails, social networking - e.g. Don't put a whole article in your newsletter, just enough to hook the reader then get them to click through for the whole thing

4.  Search Engine Optimization - make sure that keywords people will search for when looking for your site, will come up high on the search results - include keywords in articles & blogs - tag content with keywords

5.  Adwords - use adword campaigns to drive traffic and make sure you come up in the searches.

I hope that helps!  Would be interested to read other people's suggestions :-)

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Zsolt Pasztor , write articles, answered

Write articles, share them through social media and get shared your content around the world for better traffic

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Creating a Social Media Page for your website and share your content there is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website. This will help you to increase your reach and build credibility.

Google plus is the best social media for ranking your website in google. Create your business account in Google plus and then start producing and sharing content which will drive traffic to your websites.

Google+ will help SEO and it will also rank your page immediately. Ranking your page is important if you want more visitors to your site. Having a Youtube video will also help if you have a link to your website in it.

Google Plus helps the promoted web pages to get plus ones which are considered as genuine votes by Google. More plus ones help to enhance our search engine rankings. Moreover, it helps to get high rankings in personalized search results where our friends can see the web pages shared and promoted by us.

In order to get traffic to your website from your Google plus account, you need lots of followers. And to advertise and sell your products via Google you need a lot of good reviews.

If you have tons of followers then your followers will easily see your
post and ratings about your products. To sell a good product, a review is very important. Those who have lots of followers, they don’t need to spend extra money to get a number of reviews for some average products.

But those who are new on this platform, they face a lot of struggle to get their products reviewed. One of the easiest ways to solve this is to buy google reviews.

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One of the trusted sources to buy Google plus reviews is SMM Boost Service.

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These are the ways to increase traffic to your website:

1.Advertise your website.

2.Use social media channels to promote your content.

3.Write irresistible headlines.

4.On-page SEO Activities

5.Target Keywords

6.Referral traffic

7.Boost traffic to your website by posting content on Linkedin

8.Link Internally

9.Do Email Marketing

10.Site should be responsive and fast

11.Examine Google Analytics

12.Be active on Social Media

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