What is best way to increase the traffic for my website?


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Some old sayings are old sayings because they are (still) true.  "build a better mouse trap and they (consumers) will beat a path to your door. 

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Fill your site with useful content, add useful services, make your site working fast, when your site will be truly useful, the visitors do not take long to wait

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I’m giving you some tips on how to increase the traffic on your website.

  1. Start with by using SEO: The first step is to analyze where your current SEO is. You need to know your starting point so that you can set clear KPI’s to achieve. Start with an audit that covers the following points:

  • Understanding keywords that you are already ranking for and the positions for the same.
  • An in page audit of each webpage to make sure you are search engine friendly.
  • Amend the site based on the results to make sure you are covering all the major points that search engines consider.
  • Keep the URL links of your website articles according to the keywords

2.  Develop content keeping in mind your target audience. How can you benefit the reader by creating valuable resources for their use. For example: Blog Posts, E-Books, White Papers, etc

3.  You can write Guest Posts on various websites to build backlinks to your website that would help you to increase its Domain Authority. Additionally, you’ll get a space in the author bio which will help you to build your reputation as a ‘subject expert’.

4.  Answer Quora questions on the topics you’re interested in to help out other people. You can always insert one-two links to your website (if the topic is related). This will increase your authority as the subject expert and eventually increase traffic on your website.

5.  Create a Social Media Page for your website and share your content there. This will help you to increase your reach and build credibility.

Google plus is the best social media for ranking your website in google. Create your business account in Google plus and then start producing and sharing content which will drive traffic to your websites.

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How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Ask a marketer or business owner what they’d like most within the world, and they’ll probably tell you “more customers.” What usually comes later than customers on a business’ wish list? More traffic to their website. There are a variety of ways you'll increase traffic on your site, and in today’s post, we’re getting to check out 17 of them, including several ways to enhance website traffic.

1. Optimize Your Free Google Business Profile for best results
Google is getting smarter with its results pages day by day. If your listing makes available all of the knowledge a possible client must make a preference, they might be giving up your website and contact/visit your business directly — even better than an internet site visit!

You must your listing links to your website, so this is often an excellent credit to getting more traffic to your website. Google My Business is one of the simplest generators of quality website traffic.

2. Execute On-Page SEO
There are lots of SEO tactics you'll execute on each one of your website pages to extend their rank in search engines and obtain more visitors. This consists of producing high-quality content that your audience is checking out and writing brief meta descriptions for your pages.

The meta description becomes visible below your URL in search results. Knowing what a page is about and what is going to end in a click makes users far more likely to try to do so. On-page SEO tactics like these are free but do take a while.

3. Scheduled Online Directories
One more way to expand traffic to your website is to recommend listed in free online directories and review sites. For several of those sites, your profile will comprise a link to your website, so actively updating these listings and getting constructive reviews is probably going to end in more website traffic.

4. Build Effective Backlinks
A backlink is one of a suitable link to your website from another website. Backlinks from complementary businesses or industry influencers won't only get your business ahead of a bigger audience, but also will drive qualified traffic to your website.

5. Post to Social Media
Social media is one of the most accepted free marketing tools and plays a task in driving traffic to your website. Use Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn- all of these popular platforms to promote blog posts and other helpful pages on your website. In this manner, you'll turn your social media followers into website visitors, and draw traffic from their networks if you post shareable content.

6. Use Hashtags in Your Posts
By adding up hashtags to posts that promote your website pages and blog posts, you'll extend your reach beyond your network and achieve revealed by users checking out your products and services. The more eyes on your links, the more free traffic you’re going to have on your site.

7. Utilize Landing Pages
Landing pages are another free source of traffic for your site. These are pages specific to your offers, like redeeming a reduction code, downloading a free guide, or starting a free trial. They hold the small print users need to plot advance and convert and specialize in one specific call to action, making it more likely to happen.

8. Focus on Long-Tail Keywords
Although short-tail keywords are usually searched more frequently, it's harder to rank for them on search engines. Targeting long-tail keywords, on the other hand, gives you a much better chance of ranking higher for queries specific to your products and services — and better ranking means more traffic.

9. Perform Email Marketing
Sending out usual newsletters and promoting offers through email may be a good way to remain in-tuned simultaneously with your customers and may also facilitate in supporting traffic to your website. Provide the most useful information and links to pages on your website where they will learn more, like through blog posts and landing pages for particular offers.

Just make sure that you simply don`t continually bombard your readers with emails or your customers will either undo with, delete, or unsubscribe from your emails.

Also, set careful attention to your email subject lines. These seriously influence whether or not a user opens your email. If your emails never get opened, they can’t bring in traffic to your site!

10. Publish Guest Blog Posting
Having an industry influencer publish a blog post on your website or turning an interrogation with them into a blog post can help to drive traffic both through organic search but also by the use of that influencer promoting the content to their audience.

This will also help to feature more variety in your content and show your visitors that you simply are active in your field. Just confirm your content has relevance and useful to their audience so that it’s more of a good exchange.

11. Engage Online More
It’s moderate to move in online groups and on websites that are related to your business and community — and it will guide you to get more traffic. Discuss blogs and social media posts, question-answer people are posting, and participate in conversations regarding your industry. The more you employ together with your community, the more exposure and profile visits you will get.

12. Study Your Analytics
Google Analytics is liberal to use, and therefore the insights gleaned from it can assist you to drive further traffic to your website. Apply tracked links for your marketing campaigns and regularly check your website analytics.

13. Exercise Google Ads
With Google Ads, you pay to acquire your website show up at the highest of search results for particular keywords. When a query is entered using those keywords, Google looks in the least accounts bidding on those keywords and can display and rank the paid results constant with the standard and relevance of the advertisement.

14. Google Maps Promotion
You can also select preferences through the Google Ads platform so that your business shows up at the highest of Google Maps search results. Similar to regular paid search ads, there'll be an indicator next to your listing that is often a paid result, but the publicity you get from appearing at the highest is invaluable.

15. Social Media Marketing
While with search promotion, you’re paying to point out up within the top focus for relevant searches, with social media advertising you're paying to point out up in relevant feeds. With both sorts of publicity, you'll specify the sort of audience ahead of which you’d desire to appear, but with more psychographic data, social media offers excellent targeting.

16. Display Advertising
Display ads are branded banner ads that get placed on relevant websites. For example, if you have a fitness business and your ad appears on a webpage about athletic gear, your ad is probably going to drive relevant traffic to your site.

17. Try Retargeting
Retargeting ads can come into view on websites or social media feeds. They're placed ahead of individuals who have already visited your site once, and who are therefore more likely to return.

Finally, it’s up to you to track your results, keep an eye on your analytics, and determine where most of your traffic comes from.

When you have a high-quality clutch of the type of sources that drive the maximum volume of traffic, and what percentage of that traffic is converting, you’ll know what to invest in. Double down on what’s already performing!

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1. Advertise

This one is so obvious, we’re going to look at it first. Paid search, social media advertising, and display advertising are all excellent ways of attracting visitors, building your brand and getting your site in front of people. Adjust your paid strategies to suit your goals – do you just want more traffic, or are you looking to increase conversions, too? Each paid channel has its pros and cons, so think carefully about your objectives before you reach for your credit card.

2. Get Social

It’s not enough to produce great content ( use grammar checker ) and hope that people find it – you have to be proactive. One of the best ways to increase traffic to your website is to use social media channels to promote your content. Twitter is ideal for short, snappy (and tempting) links, whereas Google+ promotion can help your site show up in personalized search results and seems especially effective in B2B niches. If you’re a B2C product company, you might find great traction with image-heavy social sites like Pinterest and Instagram. Here's more advice on making the most of social media marketing.

3. Start Guest Blogging

Before you say it – no, true guest blogging isn’t dead, despite what you may have heard. Securing a guest post on a reputable site can increase blog traffic to your website and help build your brand into the bargain. Be warned, though – standards for guest blogging have changed radically during the past eighteen months, and spammy tactics could result in stiff penalties. Proceed with caution.

4. Link Internally

The strength of your link profile isn’t solely determined by how many sites link back to you – it can also be affected by your internal linking structure. When creating and publishing content, be sure to keep an eye out for opportunities for internal links. This not only helps with SEO but also results in a better, more useful experience for the user – the cornerstone of increasing traffic to your website.

5. Examine Your Analytics Data

Google Analytics is an invaluable source of data on just about every conceivable aspect of your site, from your most popular pages to visitor demographics. Keep a close eye on your Analytics data, and use this information to inform your promotional and content strategies. Pay attention to what posts and pages are proving the most popular. Inspect visitor data to see how, where and when your site traffic is coming from.

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1. Organic traffic is the best way to get real and targeted traffic. To get the organic traffic you have to optimize your website. If you unable to optimize, you can hire a seo expert. Or you can take professional seo services with cheapest seo packages from seo service providers company.

There have lots of seo companies, I know one of the best seo service provider company in bangladesh name ranktrends.com, you can contact with them.

2. Link building is another way to increase website traffic.

3. Email marketing is the most important to get targeted traffic

4. Paid Campaign

5. Social media marketing

6. Video marketing

7. Search engine marketing

9. High quality content writing and marketing

10. Press release submission and distribution and more

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I am suggesting some basic factors that helps you to increase the traffic on your website. I have mentioned some factors that should be used in your website very effectively.

  • Keywords
  • Search results of competititor and find missing factors and used it
  • Content should be powerful
  • Most use your best keywords
  • Insert internal links
  • Organic Search Traffic

I like to share some basic factors which it will help you to boost your Google rankings. Best tips to increase website traffice and improve your google ranking : goo.gl/gwcGCX

You’ll need to take the time to study and truly understand your target audience and their desires. Do the research, needed to identify the long-tail keywords that they’re using to get to your site.

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