What are the tips and tricks to increase your Web Traffic?


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Social media has become a powerhouse in marketing nowadays. It has developed into a platform for bringing true valuable content to its users. The more value you bring to customers, the more results you will obtain from social media. Social media marketing is a direct method of marketing, meaning you engage with your customers one on one. Here is a number of ways to generate your website traffic using only social media platforms.

Develop a Strategy

It's essential that you develop a distinctive social media marketing strategy that mirrors your company's mission and objectives. The voice you create needs to remain consistent across social media channels and through all posts. You can do this by creating your style guidelines and sticking with them. Your online personality needs to be built on consistency and distinct language style. Make sure to set timely (weekly, monthly or yearly) goals and keep track of your achievements.

Schedule Your Posts

Posting once a month is simply not enough to obtain regular visitors and users. It's obvious that no one likes to see a page that hasn't been updated for years. Your audience wants a regular update, and this is what keeps them coming back. Every social media post will increase your engagement with customers, connect with the audience, and build customer loyalty to your brand.

Use #HashTags

Hashtags expose your posts to a wider audience by connecting with people that search the topic. You can decide either to target specific themes with your hashtags or use the ones that are trending to promote your posts. There are many online tools that can help you search for the hashtags that are trending in your niche.

Connect with Influencers

Influencers are people who have mastered the social media marketing through engagement strategies and continue increasing their conversions. Thus, they built the trust and have a large followers base. To gain their attention, all you have to do is mention them in your posts, repost or engage with their content. Choose pages from your industry, local businesses, city, art, events as well as personal connections to build up your network. This will help you define your company's personality by determining how you want to be seen.


An image speaks a thousand words. Using images and videos for your posts draws more attention than just plain text. The secret sauce is knowing how to create an image that stands out from the crowd, and implement methods that work. Have the same person posting on your social media to ensure the same style and language that is consistent.

Be Creative

Making your social media campaign a success, you have to be creative.
Brainstorm on innovative and different ideas for posts that will make them stand out. You will quickly notice an increase in your conversion
rate by crafting ideas that boost your social media engagement.

Like and Comment

It's in human nature to like attention and being noticed. An effective
social media strategy applies regular interaction with audience through
likes, comments, replies and status updates. Always show that you have something valuable to offer by providing relevant information.

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More traffic to a site does not generally mean more income unless the income show is absolutely in view of display advertising. Display marketing model brings the most minimal income per guest contrasted with the various income models and there are a few investigations that propose that exclusive 27% of the web guests really wind up taking a gander at a display advertisement.

Extraordinary compared to other approaches to adapt web traffic is to change them into leads and after that advance an item or administration to them by means of email marketing or a subsequent telephone call. This is additionally called Inbound marketing. Outbound marketing or intrusion advertising is not any more successful in light of the fact that individuals are showing signs of improvement at blocking out of interference.

An ideal approach to draw in traffic to a site is by means of content marketing. Content marketing is best done through blogging, online networking, and email marketing. Top SEO companies in Abu Dhabi draw in all browsers’ attention to mainly via content marketing.

1. Landing Pages

Landing pages are a standout amongst the best approaches to change over a guest into a lead. While the reason for some substance pages on sites is to give data; landing pages are intended for gathering contact data. Extremely compelling landing pages joined with focused traffic can give a change proportion of as high as 50-60% and in some uncommon cases much more than that.

Setting up a few landing pages inside your blog or primary substance site expands the odds of more individuals going to those landing pages by means of web crawlers, referral and direct traffic and henceforth it builds the odds of lead accumulation. You can likewise have diverse flags in your blog which connect to one of your own landing pages. Another viable technique for bringing traffic to such landing pages is through YouTube content marketing which will be clarified in detail in another article.

Distinctive landing pages are alluring to various individuals or gatherings and henceforth one ought to never depend on just a single landing page. What's more, it's regularly a smart thought to send traffic to the landing page through a blog and after that measure which landing page performs better.

You can outline a landing page individually or you can utilize some modules and topics that are accessible in the market which makes the production of landing pages simple. Enhance Press is one such WordPress subject which can enable you to make landing pages effortlessly.

2. Notification Bars

Notification bars are the full wide pennants on the highest point of the sites. Web clients have been "prepared" to focus on the notification bars in light of the fact that the programs more often than not display cautioning messages like a missing module or a blocked popup in the notification bar. Such bars remain on the highest point of everything and numerous such bars can be designed to adhere to the best notwithstanding when individuals look down the site. It is a decent consideration grabber.

3. Unblockable Popup Forms

Unblockable popups which you may have seen in numerous sites and online journals are outstanding amongst other approaches to change over web traffic into leads. Anyplace around 2% to 10% of your day by day blog traffic is probably going to change over into leads in light of the adequacy of your offer.

For WordPress, there is a plugin called Popup Domination which can make tastefully satisfying popup forms on your site. The plugin is a premium plugin and it likewise offers split testing and following choices. The above picture demonstrates a popup control shape in real life.

4. Opt-In Forms in Sidebars and Below Posts

The sidebar of any blog and the zone beneath the posts are incredible areas for opt-in forms. Individuals focus on the sidebars when they are not interested in the substance and there is a high possibility that they will opt-in for a significant offer. Likewise when individuals finish reading blog entries, they normally don't recognize what to do. In the event that you don't have anything to catch their consideration they will simply clear out.

5. Welcome Redirects

It is conceivable to divert the first run through guests of your blog to a landing page where they are approached to opt-in as a byproduct of something significant, for example, a free digital book or a pamphlet. Such plugins will just divert new guests and returning guests will just observe your landing page. The following picture demonstrates how has influenced utilization of the welcome to divert to change over first-time guests into leads.

6. Opt-in Forms Inside Videos

With the fame of web recordings, another type of opt-in forms have become prominent with advanced advertisers. They are opt-in forms inside recordings. The following screenshot demonstrates a video with an opt-in shape which flies up during the video and gives the internet client a chance to continue watching the video after an opt-in. You can likewise make it required to opt-in by disabling the skirt this progression option. The frame can be arranged to show up toward the beginning or the finish of the video.

7. Headers Forms

You can put an opt-in enclose the header zone – the most profitable bit of land on any site. Studiopress has a subject called Generate which has a header opt-in shape incorporated with it. You can likewise build up a custom subject in the event that you have the assets and furthermore split test it to enhance its transformations.


In spite of the fact that there are diverse strategies to lead age, the underlying idea is the same. Draw in guests by providing them profitable substance and afterward motivate authorization to email them in the best way. Give individuals something significant in the email with the goal that you can fabricate trust and afterward you can introduce what you need to offer in a non-prominent way.

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Below are some simple ways to increase the amount of traffic that you are getting to your website.

1. Perform On-Page SEO2. Get Listed3. Post to Social Media with Hashtags4. Use Landing Pages5. Target Long-Tail Keywords6. Start Email Marketing7. Advertise Online8. Guest Blog9. Engage Online10. Learn from Your Analytics

For more you can prefer  : Blogging tips to increase traffic

These are only some of the many strategies you can use to drive traffic to your website.

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