How to put information to Google?


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John Johnson answered

You want your identity appear in Google Search when somebody type in your name?
All you have to do is,
1. Use your name in Social Profiles which you use often like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest .
2. Use same name for which you need Google Results in all social profile title and about us column.

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anne roberts answered

There are multiple ways for the same -

  1. Create an account (profile or page) on Google Plus & simultaneously link the website to it, if there's any.
  2. Then design a dedicated blog for your club.

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rohan mobile shop , u need gmail account, answered
Now go to google page site  log in with your gmail account put your information on that page give name of the page and also add description.  Even you can add post on your google plus site for that you just need gmail accout. All about are free. Either use google pages or google plus profile.

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