Why is Tinder called Tinder?


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I have also been curious about how the popular dating app got it's unusual name.

According to the Milwaukee Business journal, the founder, Jonathon Badeen explained they originally thought of the name Matchbox. However, this was rejected and Tinder was chosen as it continues with the fire theme.

Also Tinder sounds similar to Tender which has romantic overtones.

More information can be found here

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Sara Lewis answered

Tinder is called Tinder because it's a matchmaking app (bear with me here...). Matches live in matchboxes - apparently the creators of the App wanted to call it "Matchbox", but had a change of heart, which I think was a good call, as it sounds kinda dumb in hindsight. 

They liked the fire theme though, which makes sense. Fire evokes images of heat - seamless transition to hot guys and girls. Makes sense.

The red colour scheme fits in with love and romance, too. (Which if you've used Tinder, might be a bit of a stretch... But you can see where they were going).

So from hot, fiery beginnings, Tinder was born because, if you didn't know, tinder is the dry material you use to help get a fire started.


There is also a bit of a play on words with "Tender", (back to those images of love and romance again).

So there you have it. If you've ever wondered what some other things on Tinder mean- like KCCO for example, there are some interesting answers on Blurtit that will fill in the gaps.

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