Why does tinder use so much battery?


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Tinder can use a lot of battery because it does some pretty heavy duty processing such as mapping your location and then trying to connect to the server for new information every time you swipe trough someone's picture..

The location tracking is probably the most heavy duty use of battery.

Also, the map might be making use of a feature called "background refresh" which is also very energy intensive.

This is when Tinder communicates with the server in the background (i.e. When you're not using the app). It might do this to check for new updates or new messages for example...

This is not a mandatory process, as in you can use Tinder without allowing it to refresh in the background.

To turn this setting off and save yourself a whole lot of battery, follow these instructions:

How to stop Tinder using so much battery

Go to settings

Select "General"

Choose "background app refresh"

From this screen, you can either turn off background app refresh functionality for all apps (this will save you the max amount of battery life, but some apps may ask you to turn it back on in order to work properly).

Or you can scroll down and turn off background refresh for the apps you don't want using this feature... Including Tinder.

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