Why does snapchat use so much battery?


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We've all had those days where we've had to deal with no phone because Snapchat has used so much battery.

But why does Snapchat use so much battery? Well, when you think about it, it's pretty obvious. We take photos and video with it, and then expect it to spread these to our friends via the internet. These are some of the most battery-guzzling tasks you can do on your phone or iPod!

And now with the new 'Here' feature, you can instant message and video chat with your friends in real time, which will use even more battery.

There are some ways to stop Snapchat from using so much battery though:

  1. Only use Snapchat where you know you have a strong wifi connection which will not keep cutting out, to stop your device from having to work harder.
  2. Close all other apps when using Snapchat.
  3. Turn off notifications for it. Just get into the habit of checking Snapchat only a few times a day... It is possible!
  4. Turn down the brightness of your device's screen. It really is unnecessary to have it turned right up most of the time, let alone when using Snapchat...
Hope this helps a little in reducing the amount of battery Snapchat uses. My aim is to get it to use less than my screen...

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Snapchat uses quite a lot of battery for 3 mains things:

  1. Connecting to the internet
  2. Taking photos
  3. Recording videos

These are three pretty "heavy duty" tasks, that will drain any battery, but Snapchat is known to kill batteries especially badly on iPods.

I used to use Snapchat on iPod and my battery would go from 95% to 65% in a couple of Snapchats, then I realized it wasn't actually Snapchat that was the problem:

  1. Poor wifi signal will drain your battery faster, because your phone will keep connecting and disconnecting as it struggles to maintain a connection.
  2. Using Snapchat for video will drain battery no matter what.
  3. If you have other apps (other than Snapchat) running in the background, then this will also drain battery.

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