Why does snapchat use so much data?


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In short, Snapchat uses a lot of data because sending and receiving photos and videos requires sending a lot of data from phone to phone, so that the images and video appear correctly.

This is what Snapchat had to say about how much data their app uses:

"Snapchat images are typically 30-50 kilobytes -- if you have a 1 gigabyte data plan, that would be roughly 20,000 images sent and received per month! A 10-second video snap uses approx. 400 kilobytes of data."

Because Snapchat uses quite a lot of data, I would seriously recommend you try using Wifi as much as possible as this doesn't use up your data.
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I don't know if this is necroposting or not, but I just found out snapchat filled its cache with 4.4GB of probably cr**. I barely use snapchat nor receive many snaps, so it isn't from my friends. Though it does look like it just downloads a bunch of stuff from the snapchat servers.

That 4+GB didn't magically appear so it must have been downloaded. Thus must have used a lot of data.

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