Why do people use phones so much?


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Raul Stewart answered

It became like a part of our daily lives.. Truth being spoken it is an addiction that no one is ready to accept.. One cannot simply leave without mobiles these days!!

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Technology has been modified so much that a persons phone can be interpreted as their life source! They may need it for their job, or to speak to their friends, or to surf the internet. The idea that you can do basically everything and more on your phone than you can on your computer appeals to people. Phones are easy, efficient, and portable. People can use their phone for almost anything under the rainbow!

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It is like an addiction, an obsession. People don't know how to communicate the way they used to. You know actually talk to someone face to face and now it is all about phones even cellphones ugh!!! Terrible society we live in.

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Well, we use our phones cause we need them in case of emergency reasons and to stay in contact with family and friends...

I have no home phone service, just cell phone.

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