Why does my tinder not find anyone?


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If your Tinder app is not finding anyone, then I'd recommend changing your settings to something less restrictive.

Try a larger radius, or maybe even consider a wider age-group so that people in your area aren't getting filtered out...

If nothing is working, then a last resort would be to delete the app and reinstall it. You may also want to drop Tinder a line to let them know that you'e having problems.

You can reach them on the Twitter support account at:

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If your Tinder does not find anyone, this could be down to the settings you have on your filters.

By expanding the distance you will start to get matches from further away (Tinder uses GPS - Global Positioning Services- which uses satellites to pin point your exact location). You can have a radius of up to 100 miles.

Likewise, Tinder will have a default age category set, but you can manually alter this. Expanding it will bring up more matches again.

Of course, it's important to remember that in order for people to "match" with you, you both have to right swipe. So expanding your filter may bring up more potentials for you, but if these newbies are only looking at people in their local area, then you won't appear in their listing too.

Sometimes, patience is the key! As new people pass through your town they will show up on the app, so just keep checking back regularly. Who knows- the love of your life might have just moved down the road.

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