Why does tinder not work on my phone?


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I'm guessing you have just downloaded Tinder, launched the app on your phone - and it has not worked! Right?

Or even if you have had Tinder on your phone for a bit, it is known to be a slightly buggy app.

Well there are a few reasons Tinder might not work on your phone, so luckily I can help you, and I will explore the 5 main reasons Tinder doesn't work below...

5 main reasons why Tinder won't work on some phones

Good dating apps are pretty hard to find, so when you discover Tinder, the excitement to check it out is great!

And disappointment when it doesn't actually work can suck. So here's the 5 things to check for if your Tinder app is not working:

  1. You have a current mobile device. Tinder no longer supports anything below an iPhone 4, and a number of older Android devices are also not supported by the current Tinder app.
  2. Make sure your operating system is up to date. It is advised to run iOS7 or higher, and 4.4 KitKat if you're on Android...
  3. Your location settings aren't turned on. Tinder needs your location to match with you with other people. If it doesn't know where you are, it can't do that!
  4. You don't have the most current version of Tinder on your phone. Old versions of the Tinder app are well-known for being really buggy and not always launching. If you have had the app on your phone for a while, and are only now having problems with Tinder, go to the app store and make sure your version is the most current one.
  5. If I have misunderstood your question, and what you really want to know about is why you are not able to find matches on Tinder, then please check out this answer here:

Good luck!

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Dude, screw it, Tinder has been outdated. It ceased to be relevant because it ceased to be a dating app. Choose some other dating site (for example, here you can get more info). Now there are many cool platforms with real users who are looking for soul mates or one-night stands. Good luck!

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