Is Tinder on windows phone?


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Yo Kass answered

Tinder is coming to Windows phone very soon as of right now.

How can I be sure? Well, world-reknown app developer Rudy Huyn built a Tinder client for Windows phone called 6tindr recently. It's no longer available though.

Why not?

Tinder filed a copyright complaint with Microsoft, took the unofficial app down, hired Rudy, and they are now working on a proper Tinder app for Windows phone which should be released in the next few weeks.

Is Tinder coming to Windows Phone good news?

Sort of. Although it's obviously great that Window's phone users get to enjoy the world's most addictive dating app, this is just another example of how Windows Phones are always so far behind the pack that even unofficial apps make it onto the market before companies bother dedicating budget to releasing for Windows phone. That's not exactly something to right-swipe about...

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