Why does my tinder not work?


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There are quite a few things that could be going wrong with your Tinder app:

  • Are you running the latest software for your device?
  • Is your Tinder app up to date (make sure there are no updates waiting, as they may contain bug fixes which you need to run the app).
  • Have you tried closing the app and relaunching it?
  • How about resetting your phone?

If all of the above have failed, then the best people to contact are the Tinder Team. You can reach them on Twitter:

Or their support account:

Just remember, even if you can't get the app working... People managed to get by for thousands of years without Tinder!

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It's annoying, isn't it? All the technology in the world and the one thing you need to work- an app to find your future love- goes on the blink. And all the swearing and sighing and slamming your phone on the table doesn't make a bit of difference. Well panic not. Try these things and you should be up and running again.

  1. Take a deep breath. It's going to be okay.
  2. Quit the app. My mother always told be not to be a quitter, but that was in a time before smartphones. She'd understand.
  3. Switch your phone off.
  4. Take another deep breath. Actually, take 10. It'll give your phone time to completely reset itself.
  5. Turn your phone back on and restart Tinder.

Working? If so- hurrah! If not- uh oh. You might need to delete the app and reinstall it. There's bad news and good news here:

The Bad? You'll lose all of your matches and interactions. Boo.

The Good? You know that one time when that really hot person popped up, but you were too busy watching TV/talking to your friends/taking deep breaths that you accidentally swiped the wrong way? Well. Reinstalling the app means that you get to start again, so they might pop up again.

Who knows? You might find the one that got away!

Click here to check out a Blurtit answer that's a bit more technical, and might also be of help.

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