How do you get an extra experience share in pokemon emerald after your first one at the end of the game?


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Unfortunately, there is only one experience share per game so the only way to receive another is to cheat: Trade Pokémon holding another experience share, win one in the lottery or clone an existing Pokémon with experience share.

  • What is experience share?

Experience share allows a non-battling Pokémon to gain experience. The player attaches an experience share to a Pokémon that isn't in the first line-up and while another Pokémon is battling, it will gain half of the experience achieved. For example, if Pikachu is battling and gains 100 experience points, Bulbasaur, who is holding the experience share will take 50 of those points.

  • Lottery & Trading

By entering the Lillycove Lottery and matching the last 3 digits of a Poke ID number, there is an increased chance of winning an extra experience share.  If an experience share is lost, simply re-start the game and begin again.

If a friend is willing to trade an experience share, this would be the simplest way to gain more as they cannot be purchased but can be sold for 1500 Pokémon dollars.

  • Cloning

To clone a Pokémon, the player must go to the Battle Tower. On the right hand side, select 'computer' and place the Pokémon alone in box 9, ensuring there is another empty space in the party. Save the game, withdraw the Pokémon from the box and on the right you must speak to the fourth lady. Then challenge her, select 'open level' and two different Pokémon to battle. The game will then begin to save but turn off the console after approximately one second. When the console is turned back on, it will claim the file is corrupted and will load the previously saved file. The Pokémon you wished to clone will also be found in box 9 and if it was holding an experience share, you will now have gained another.

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