How Do I Transfer Files From A Hard Drive In A Dead Laptop To A Living One?


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Because the solutions given from the other guys be done (the first requires hardware to bought and the second is impossible), I suggest a low budget solution . You have to remove the HD from the new laptop and replace it with the old one. Once the new laptop with the old HD boot you can copy the files to a USB flash memory or burn them on a DVD . Then your old HD is useless . Now place back the new HD and access your files from the removable media you put them !
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If your laptop is on a network you can open a shared folder to another computer, laptop or desktop and put them in there, then when you get your new HD all set up you can pull those files back when you set the laptop with the new drive back up to the network - it's less tedious plus you don't have to worry about having a backup media like a thumb drive or blank DVD's. And yes, the first two won't work - you can do that with desktops or buy a laptop to desktop connector for like $10 and hook your laptop HD to your master desktop HD and pull the files from it until you get the new one set up - I am about to do the same thing since I am upgrading from a 140GB laptop drive to a 320GB HD.
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I was able to get my old drive onto an external storage drive box with cables and view them on the new computer.  I loaded windows xp but how do I transfer program files like outlook, word, excel, adobe etc without a new installation into the new hard drive.
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To easily transfer all your old data from your old laptop to your new laptop ,you will need to buy a usb converter for your old hard drive and then transfer old files via usb port of your new laptop.
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You have to make the hard drive of the dead laptop a slave drive of the living computer. I mean attach both the hard drives on one computer. The new computer will find the second hard drive and will show every data on it. Just copy the data in the new hard drive.

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