I'm looking into buying a laptop. How much memory is good? I;m not talking about hard drive memory. I found one with 4GB of memory and 500GB of hard drive space, 15.6 in. screen for $329.99. The brand is Toshiba? Would you say it's a good buy?


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Toshiba laptops are good. They used to have a reputation for being tough and less-easily damaged than other makes, I think the others have probably caught up now.

They always used to say that you couldn't be too rich or too thin. In the computing world you could add have too much memory or too much disk space. The amount you have is OK, depending upon what you are going to do with the machine. For instance, if you are doing large-scale graphics manipulation, then more memory is definitely a plus (and 4GB is OK, but not wonderful). Likewise, if you wish to store large numbers of engineering drawing PDFs, 500GB could disappear very rapidly.

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Yo Kass
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Interesting that you mentioned engineering drawings actually... my little brother is off to uni in a couple of weeks and I was trying to help him pick out a laptop for his course.
He'll be studying mechanical engineering, so I'm not sure what kind of course material that would entail... but do you think memory would be high on his spec requirements?
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Sorry for the slow reply. The answer is a definite maybe, sorry. But It never does any harm to have more memory and more disk space. I notice in Tesco's today they have an Acer with a 15.1 inch screen 1TB of disk store and 8GB of memory. Cost £349, so a bit more expensive than the one above but much better spec'd. Also the CPU should not be forgotten and the simple (ish) rules there are faster = better. more Lx cache = better, more cores = better.

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