I'm looking to upgrade my computer, one with a big screen for someone who is a medium to high user with at least 2GB of RAM. What is a good brand/model with good technical support?


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I like Dell. Never had to use their tech support though. Reliable systems that are easy to upgrade. I would purchase the monitor separately if you have a preference. 2gb ram is kind of low considering it takes a minimum of 1gb to run a 32 bit Windows 10 and double for the 64 bit. Also if you are going to buy a new pc, I would opt for one with an SSD instead of an HDD. The SSD is a much quicker drive. 

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Thanks mate, don't know a lot about computers. Technology freaks me out a bit. Thanks for the tip. Got to cook dinner,signing off for the day. See you next time.
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Anytime. Good luck with the upgrade and good night.
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Soul Fly is right ! You need at least 4GB of Ram. 8 is even better. If you want quality and reliability then take a look at ASUS products. Anytime I build one for myself or someone else, I always use ASUS. Best product on the market. ASUS has great Tech support and will always help you when you need it. Either by phone or by online Chat. Go with ASUS and you'll have a long lasting quality PC.

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