How Do I Repair The Cable Connector In The Back Of My TV?


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Can I use a vcr to control the volume and cable channels because the cable connecter in the back of the tv is broke
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If you want to fix it yourself then you attach the broken part with that of the tv connector by using a glue type material with precision.But my advice is that you repair it from an authorized repair center.
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I wanted to put a tv on the side of a wardrobe but to do this I had to cut off the sealed plug and replace it with an ordinary one but now I can't get any signal on my tv...what's wrong?????
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It is difficult to repair the connector. But you can replace it with new connector. You can get the new cable connector from any electronic shop. Then you need to pull the cable from old connector. And you've to open the new connector with the help of the screwdriver, then you can attach the cable with the terminals of the new connector. And screw it up again. Now you've fixed the problem.

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