What Is Voice Input System?


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VIS(Voice Input System) A hardware software that enables a computer to recognize the human voice. A hardware=software combination that can convert to spoken words into digital data is know as Voice-Input System. If you stop to think about the complex work that humans do in interpreting speech, you can appreciate the challenge of designing technology to do the same thing. Two people may pronounce the same word differently because of accents, personal styles of speech, and the unique quality of each person's voice. Researchers have tried a number of tricks to overcome the obstacles for which humans naturally compensate.

Many voice-input systems are designed to screen our background noises and no accept training from users, who repeat words until the system recognizes the patterns in their voices. some voice-input type systems can recognize only limited number of isolated words, while others attempt to recognize whole sentences composed of continuous speech. This later type s commonly referred to a s a continuous speech recognition system.
Continuous recognition products have dramatically increased in quality and dropped in price in recent years. You can pay less than $200 for a system that can recognize over 250,000 words. Today's principal application for continuous speech recognition is dictation.
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Voice input or voice recognition is the easiest method of data entry, even for the people who don't know typing. A user inputs data by using a microphone.The simplest form is the speaker-dependent systems, in which the operator has to train the computer to identify the words and the accent. The speaker read the text into the computer to adapt it to that particular voice.

Speaker independent systems are more complex. They can understand a fix set of words from different speakers with different accents without any training. The problem here is the limited vocabulary. The simpler systems can recognize only few words, used as one-word commands, the more complex ones can recognize up to 1,000 words with continuous speech. Today, the problem is different accents and words that sound alike having different meanings such as here, hear heir and thus cause problems.
These systems are really needed when hands are busy in some operation and the person wants to enter data. Like in inspection and quality control, the inspector is using both the hands and entering data is not possible simultaneously. The inspector verbally lists defects into the microphone of the computer instead of stopping to write them down.

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