2. What Comprises The Computer Systems Hardware Define Each?


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Some of the most important pieces of computer hardware include:
  • Monitor
  • Motherboard
  • CPU
  • Ram
  • Expansion cards
  • Hard disk drive
  • Power Supply
  • Optical Disk Drive
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
The monitor is your computer screen which provides you with the ability to see what the computer is doing. There are various monitors e.g. Flat screen 20" LCD screens that offer HD viewing, as well as a good clear image.
The motherboard is the main hardware component of the computer inside the tower or laptop. It is a rectangular shaped board for circuitry meaning all the other components will connect to the mother board in order to give them power.
The CPU or central processing unit is the device doing the computer's algorithmic calculations. It tells the computer what to do, when to do it, and how. You can think of the CPU as the brain of the computer.
A fan and heat sink are added to the hardware list because they are inside the computer tower to keep the CPU cool.
RAM or random access memory is a physical storage device that is on the motherboard. It will allow you to store any software or programs you want. It can also be expanded by adding in more memory cards inside. These are often called the expansion cards.
The power supply unit is part of the hardware that allows the motherboard to receive power from the electrical outlet.
Hard disk drive is another storage device that also runs hard disks. It is the main drive of your computer.
The optical disk drive often called the C drive uses laser light for copying. It can be a DVD rewritable disk drive so that you can copy CDs and DVDs.

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