How Do You Make Your Pictures Scroll Up And Down?


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Generally, in any picture viewing software, the scrolling option is always to the right of the screen. If you see the extreme right side of the screen, you will see a vertical bar with a different coloured bar in it. If you click on this bar and drag up or down, your picture will scroll up and down. If you have a scroller on your mouse, you can simply use that to scroll up and down. If there is no scroll option in the software that you are using, you can use the zoom and then go up and down with the help of the mouse.
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You can make images scroll with the help of a marquee tag. This tag is generally used to scroll text with the use of HTML codes but it can also be used for images and pictures. The basic marquee tag is write the text you want to be scrolled. This would cause the text to scroll in the direction mentioned. You can change the direction and the width also.

For scrolling the pictures or images just substitute the address of the picture or image tag at the place where you write the text. This would cause the image to scroll in the way you want. Thus it is a very easy job for DHTML users. Nowadays there are many more advanced means of using images and pictures in websites and this method is found only in Flash websites.

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