What Pokemon Game Do You Catch Mew In And How Do You Catch Mew?


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You can only catch a Mew in Pokemon Red, Blue, or Yellow.   When you get to Cerulean City and start to head north to get your S.S
Anne ticket from Bill. Defeat the Nugget Bridge.You will see the man
standing in the grass off to the left of the bridge, DO NOT FIGHT HIM!
Then on the path that is off to the right where there are a lot of
trainers, there is a trainer looking up towards the back wall and his
only Pokemon
is a slowpoke, DO NOT FIGHT HIM!Just be sure that you are ready and can
walk up to slowpoke boy without fighting anybody. (Pokemon
Centre-Slowpoke boy)Now if you have done all of that, you are ready to
catch your very own Mew1. Catch an Abra and put it in your party2. You
have to go up to the trainer off to the left of the bridge (in the
grass) stand so that if you walk one step down you would have to fight
him.3. Save your game so you can just reset your game if you screw
up.4. Now, walk down as if you are going to fight him but just as you
stop press the "start" button and your menu will pop up
before the trainer sees you.5. Now select Abra and use his Teleport.
You will notice the trainer tries to walk up to you anyways6. Now you
will be in front of the Pokemon Centre and you will notice that your
start menu doesn't show up when you press start (don't worry it's
supposed to be like that).  Don't go to heal your Pokemon or
anything.7. Walk back up and go to fight Slowpoke boy. Walk against the
wall to make sure that HE WALKS UP TO YOU.  8. Then once you defeat him
you will be able to open the menu up again. Open it and use Teleport9.
Then walk up to the bridge and your start menu will open on it's own.
Close the menu and voila a wild Pokemon. It is a level 7 Mew. P.S to
catch Mew you wont have to damage it that much
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In Pokemon fire red or green.
You got to trade a pokemon that noes cut in the beginning of the game.
Then when your in the city where theres a boat,use cut where the trees are at(its near the boat).
Then you see a truck move and then a mew appears.
MEW is a Level 30.
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Well in red version blue or yellow not in fire red (you can't) and first you do all of it in south and north cerulean city first south but north in the 2nd peice of grass above the daycare center catch a pokemon with Teleport or a pokemon with fly but put the pokemon with Teleport to sleep then go north go to the 2nd patch of flowers 3rd flower of the zigzag save in that exact spot walk forward 1nce choose Teleport or fly pokemon to cerulean city pokemon center if you think something bad happened to your game don't it's a glitch you're start button will not work then head northeast of cerulean city towards Bill's cottage head east to the 4th trainer go to the top or your game will freeze fight him(don't fight any trainers before that)Teleport back to the pokemon center(or fly) to make it short head north try to walk the bridge your menu will pop up by itself leave it and you can catch mew.

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