I Have Just Got A New Telephone Line And Forgot My New Telephone Number . Is There A Way Through Which I Can Access The Telephone Number Without Calling The Phone Company?


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Well, I can tell you from my experience what I did when I forgot the number to my new telephone line. The easiest of the solutions which I could think at that time was to call on my cell number from the new telephone. And because of the Caller Identification feature I was able to see my number and then saved the number in my mobile.

You can do the same, if you do not have the cell phone then call on anyone of your friends or family members and ask them to tell you the number from which they received the call. That's the easiest way to solve this problem in my opinion. Caller Identification is a very common service and it is readily available through all the Telephone Service providers for local and international calls.

Also if you do not want to choose this option then I would suggest you contact the Telephone Company. It won't be a hassle to them because they receive different types of complains and the problem you are facing is not a unique one to them so I would say that try the suggestion that I gave you. It will help you out.
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If your number is listed in the white pages or other information directory, you may be able to do a 'reverse search' in order to get your number. You might be able to go to the website of the information pages and type in your address in order to obtain your phone number. Some information directories provide this service, which is called a 'reverse search'. The website is an information directory. However, if your number is 'unlisted' or you haven't had the opportunity to register your number yet with the information directory, this method won't work. In this case, calling the phone company is probably the easiest option. This has happened to other people so they will be experienced in handling the situation. Once you get your number, you'll probably want to write it in several places in order not to have to go through the hassle again.
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With some phones you can find your number but more than likely you should just call the company. Or go back to the store you bought it. It would be easier to go to the store.

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