How Can I Find A Telephone No For Hotmail?


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None of these hotmail  numbers work someone is miss useing my account can anyone please help me I need to talk to them a s a p
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          (1)(650) 964-7200 is the toll free number of Hotmail. You can contact them between 10am to 5pm Monday through Friday. The number provided here is not a customer service and it is only for Hotmail outages. In case if you have any issues and if you would like to contact Hotmail, and then you can do so by signing in into the Hotmail account.

          At the top right corner, you will see a link for Help. Click on the "view other help suggestion or contact us" which is located at the lower left hand side of the page. Then you will able to fill in the contact form. The other way to get contact information would be to click on the "About" link at the bottom of the Hotmail home page.

          The following link will lead you to contact information of Hotmail:>.

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