How Can I Increase Security For My Hotmail Account?


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Cybervenom6 can help you with that

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Tips 1: To generate a strong and unique password for your hotmail account. In this way, you'd better to generate a long and complicated password with 1–2 uppercase characters, 2–3 lower case characters, 2–3 numbers and 1–2punctuations. For example, “YcTtgyplacW19#!”.

If you feel it is not easy for you to generate and remember the unique password complicatedly, you can try password manager application like Cyclonis Password Manager to generate and save the password for you. 

Tips 2: Enable your two-factor authentication for your account. To visitMicrosoft account page and select the Security tab on the top of the page. Click the more security options text under the three boxes on the next page. Then, click "Turn on two-step verification" under the Two-step verification header.

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There are a number of ways in which you could increase security for your Hotmail account.

Hotmail recommend that you change your password every so often for increased security. You can change your password by clicking on 'Options' when you have logged into your account, and then clicking on 'Password'.

You can get tips on how to create a stronger password by clicking on 'Options', then 'Password', then 'How do I create a strong password' in the 'Frequently Asked Questions' section'. This will bring up a window with a selection of tips on how to create a good password.

Another way of increasing security is to allow your account to expire after a certian period of time. You can do this by logging nto your account, clicking on 'Options', and then 'Session Expiration'. This allows you to set a time for your account to expire.

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