How can I sign in to my hotmail account?


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As Hotmail isn't around anymore, you'll have to sign up for a Outlook account. Better yet, download Google Chrome and make a Gmail account and import your mail from Hotmail/Outlook to Gmail. Pretty easy and less problems than Outlook.

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The Hotmail email service is technically no longer available, although you can still log in to Outlook and access your old account, as they are both run by Microsoft.

Logging into an old Hotmail account

Hotmail was a popular web based email client in the late 1990's and 2000's, run by Microsoft. As of 2013, Microsoft phased out Hotmail- in name at least - and now only offer email accounts with their new domain. However, you can still sign into your hotmail account...

If you click on your old Hotmail bookmark, or go to a Hotmail page through a search engine result, you will be re-directed to the MSN (MicroSoft Network) homepage, where you will be given the option of signing into a number of different services offered by Microsoft:

If you click on the Outlook option, you will be taken to the main Outlook sign in page. 
From here, you can just sign into your Hotmail account as normal, it doesn't matter that you don't have an Outlook account, it will still take you through to your emails (although they will look a little different, as the user interface has changed too).

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