My hotmail account has been blocked and I need a security code to unblock it which needs to be sent to the alternative email I put in when I made my email, but I stupidly made my alternative email the same email. What can I do?


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Contact the hotmail support team directly. They will send you a form you will have to fill out. It's a pain in the butt however if you really need to access your email thats your only option. 

Or you could a gmail account and try to import all your old emails that way. Not sure if that'll work with an email that been temporarily blocked but it's worth a shot. 

Good luck. Try contacting Hotmail support first. It worked for me a few months ago.
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Alright Im at work and have nothing to do..let me get that for you. Be back in a min
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Hmm I can't find anything of use there.
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