I Need To Find A Telephone Number. Where Can I Look?


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Finding a telephone number is a quite easy thing to. There are some things that you will need in order to know the telephone you are looking for. You can look for the number in the telephone directory or directly contact the telephone department. First of all you will have to know the complete name of the person of whom you are looking the number for. Name is the very important thing which you need to know of that person. In case you do not know the name of the person, you can get it by knowing the perfect address of that person. In case you do not have all this relevant information, you can inquire about the person from its friends, relatives, workplaces etc.

You can also look for that person on the internet if you are living in a big city or a metro.
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With the traditional death of the 'directory enquiries' service, there are now a wealth of companies out there fighting for your attention when you need a number. Most charge you a higher rate per enquiry that you make than a standard call charge but can quickly put you through to the number you need. Alternatively there are plenty of online Directories which can give you numbers and provide further information.
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Look in the phone book.

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Look on the bathroom wall.

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