What Are The Advantages Of Having ITunes?


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There have been a lot of advances in technology over the last few years. One of the biggest advances has been the way in which we buy our music, and listen to it. We live in a society which needs everything faster, smaller but bigger, easy and accessible.

iTunes is one of many music players available. It is made by apple – who also made the iPod to which it works with as an mp3 player. You can run iTunes on a PC as well as a mac computer, which has also been vital to its success.

The benefits of iTunes are;

- You can upload your own music
- You can purchase music from the iTunes store which has a link built straight in
- You can view your music by song name, genre, artist or personal rating
- You can create your own playlists (or by using the smart play list selector)
- You can download and store podcasts easily.
- You can link up and update your iPod
- You can share and view other people's music list over a network

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