What Is ITunes?


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iTunes is a program for playing and purchasing music, audio books, TV shows, films and podcasts via Apple Inc. It is a piece of Mac software originally, which now works on Windows systems and is developed to work with iPod MP3 players only. The software also allows users to listen to Internet radio, podcasts and import music from CDs.

iTunes program allows direct access to the iTunes store, where any of the above items can be purchased at a significantly lower price than in the shops. The US version allows downloaded of films and TV shows, the British version is woefully far behind with this.

Media not purchased on at the store can also be played. However, only original CDs and purchased items can use the built-in software that brings up track name information from an online database.

A great feature of iTunes is the ability to create specific playlists, lists of your favourite tracks, (just like the mix tapes of old), which can be can be edited at any time. These also automatically update and sync with your iPod.

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